America Entering Depression-Style Crime Wave

America Entering Depression-Style Crime Wave

How many American workers arereally unemployed in this third year of our Great Recession? About 26 million people. That includes those still looking for jobs, people forced into part-time work and the many millions who've just given up. Considering the actual "workforce" of the United States is about 140 million people total -- the other 170 million are presumably too old, young or disabled to even try -- this means about 20% of "workers" are now desperate drifters ready to kill anybody for any reason at all. Let's check out some of this week's high-profile hard-boiled tri-state killin' sprees!

  • A stabby creep was caught at the Atlanta airport after an alleged tri-state stabbing spree in Michigan, Ohio and Virginia. The murderous knife monster is accused of sinking his steely blade into at least 20 people. [CNN/WDIV]
  • The search continues for escaped murderer John McCluskey, 45, and his "old lady," 44-year-old Casslyn Welch, continues as the butt-ugly slobs prey upon innocent campers. Last said to be roaming Yellowstone National Park, the gross pair are being called "Bonnie & Clyde" because Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were young and good-looking Depression-era small-time crooks who killed a whole lot of coppers, while McCluskey is a repulsive Aryan prison gangster and his woman is a worn-down old trailer-park hag. [Spokesman-Review/Arizona Daily Star]
  • McCluskey's prison-escape buddy, 42-year-old Tracy Province, was caught "with a handgun and a hitchhiking sign" near a rural church where he'd done some day labor for $40 and enjoyed a service, just like in The Incredible Hulk teevee show with Bill Bixby. [KULR 8]
  • But the savage monsters who robbed the "Kut and Kurl" beauty salon in Gentry, Arkansas, were not the same monsters rampaging through the West, according to the U.S. marshal in Arizona. [NYT/AP/CBC]

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