You can't even watch a bunch of dumb gals parading around half-naked these days without also seeing America symbolically fall over and be mocked by Mexicans. That was the scene at the Miss Universe pageant held somewhere in Mexico recently, where "Miss USA" Rachel Smith literally fell on her ass and was savagely booed by the Mexicans. Here's the fall; join us after the jump for the warm welcome from our so-called amigos.

If you're the kind of pussy who watches a video like that and feels bad for the contestant, we would like you to acknowledge that the only required skill for a Miss Universe is to walk around on a stage. That's it! You don't even have to know how to talk.

Now, thrill to "Miss USA" as she gets in over her head (trying to talk) and earns the total wrath of Mexico:

She can, however, walk around in her underwear without trouble.

Politics and the beauty contest [Washington Times]


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