'America Is Annoying'

  • President Obama and the other president, Hillary Rodham Clinton, have forged a strong partnership in spite of their bruising campaign battle because maybe both are adults or something? [New York Times]
  • A new poll shows that many Israelis are in the tank for Barack Obama, while quite a few are not so sure about their own leader. How terribly anti-Semitic of them! [Washington Post]
  • The healthcare showdown! It's on! Cards are on the table, ducks are in a row, etc! (This vote will never be held.) [Wall Street Journal]
  • If your ten-year-old child weighs as much as you do, congratulations! The youngling has scaled the ranks of the extremely obese, and will now get his own TV show where he dances away the pounds with mid-list British celebrities. [WebMD]
  • President Obama canceled his plans to visit Indonesia on account of the Health Care Showdown, which did not sit well with certain commenters on the Facebook page of the American embassy in Indonesia. [Reuters]

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