America Tells Terrorists: 'We Give Up!'

'We're sorry, Terrorists.' - WonketteTerrorists everywhere are celebrating today in whatever way Muslims celebrate things. Why? Because the House of Pelosis just voted to end the Iraq War!

Today at 3 p.m., U.S. General David Petraeus will meet Terrorist General "Al Qaeda's Number Three" on the deck of the Terrorist warship T.S.S. Terrorism and officially surrender to the Terrorist Forces. Together with their allies the Mexicans and the French, the Terrorists will be handed control of the United States, effective immediately.

After the show trials and executions in Washington, lawyers and diplomats in the Terrorismland capital, Terrorism City, say life will be relatively unchanged for most Americans -- but women will have to wear burqas and speak Spanish.

House Backs Troop Withdrawal in Challenge to Bush's Iraq Policy [Bloomberg]


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