American Birth Control Mandate To Lead To Communist Chinese One-Child Policy! Everybody Panic!

American Birth Control Mandate To Lead To Communist Chinese One-Child Policy! Everybody Panic!

Hey ladies! How's your womb? Is it fruitful? No? What about now? Is it fruitfulyet? Well are you even TRYING? It is your job to fill your stomach with tiny babies, a Quiver full of babies even, and if you do not want, say, 19 babies, then you are a heathen Communist Chinee. That is just so obvious we should not even have to say it, but apparently you are a Dumb Girl.

Luckily, the Christian Medical Association is here to explain that an insurance company offering you birth control even if your employer doesn't want you to have birth control is not only abrogating your employer's First Amendment right to determine your sex life (you are a factory worker in Macau, right?) but is also the first step on the road to China's one-child policy and forced abortion. It is simply that simple.

So, dude from the Christian Medical Association, does birth control undermine a foundational "tenant" of our society?

"[It is] undermining a foundational tenant of our society -- First Amendment rights, undermining years and many laws that have protected our conscious rights and [promoting] the whole attitude that somehow pregnancy is something to be systematically abandoned or avoided," he says. "All those reasons are reasons to want to overturn this mandate that's coming out from Health and Human Services."

He notes China's one-child policy -- a policy he says reflects the philosophy that additional children are not good.

"I fear that we are adopting some of that same philosophy in our country where we're saying that the government can decide it's a favorable policy to decide that children are a liability to our culture; therefore, we're going to have policies and procedures to help avoid that," he remarks.

That is true: helping people do a thing they want to do is exactly the same thing as forcing other people who don't want to do that thing to do it. Q.E.Duh!

The CMA spokesman says he can understand individuals making decisions regarding how many children to have and when, but argues that is not the government's decision.

Right, it is the decision of all the Christian doctors, how many children you will have and when, or if not the doctors then your rural county's lone pharmacist (yay conscience clauses!) who will decide that you cannot have your slut pills because the government is taking away our freedom.

If anything, it just makes too much sense! [OneNewsNow]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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