American Idol Beats SOTU -- Sort Of, Not Really

Wonkette herself stopped by last night from her book-writing leave of absence to do justice to the State of the Union. Good thing, too, because I promised myself I'd spend the evening performing abortions while enjoying some old-fashioned, America-loving anal sex. Taking it in the ass is the least we can all do for America and freedom in these troubled times, as I'm sure Michelle Malkin will agree.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who felt this way—though it should be noted that Drudge is, how you say, pushing the integrity of the rating numbers he's yodeling about this morning. Bush himself handily beat 'American Idol' last night, though it is true that the post-game show dragged down the broadcast average. Fact is, the Democrats just don't have the pitch control to keep us tuned in.

'American Idol' Tops Network Coverage for State of the Union [Drudge]


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