TAPPED out - WonketteThey've been holding a pledge drive to pay Ezra Klein, they kicked Brendan Nyhan off the blog for picking fights with the big dogs, and now there's a bit more trouble at lovable-but-unread liberal magazine The American Prospect.

At today's weekly editorial meeting, editor Michael Tomasky announced his resignation from the magazine, ostensibly to work on a book, but also because certain fundraising efforts have been less-than-successful. Poor, poor Ezra.

The magazine will be left in the wary hands of Editor-at-Large Harold Meyerson, who briefly ran the mag in 2001. According to one operative, the stress of his earlier tenure was bit much for Meyerson, so we wish him the best this time around.

Further belt-tightening was also promised, in that typical vague and unsettling fashion. EVERYONE PANIC.


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