American Serfs To Get Shirty With British Plutocrat

  • In England, the noble class rules by absolute whim, protected by the superstitious belief that, if an ordinary man or woman looks anyone who owns more than £5 worth of land directly in the eyes, that person will burst into flame, punished by a Tory God for his or her impertinence. Therefore "Lamar McKay," the head of BP's US operation (and probably an American, we guess, but almost certainly Britishified) will not be emotionally prepared for all the mean, angry questions that Congresspeople are going to ask him, because asking someone from BP mean, angry questions is pretty much a guarantee of good press right now. [BBC]
  • A mysterious man-lady pair attempted to drive a van full of weapons onto the Tampa Air Base where the U.S. Central Command headquarters are located, but they were stymied when somebody asked for their IDs. [NYT]
  • Remember when Blanche Lincoln introduced a tuff derivatives regulation amendment to the financial reform bill, so that she would look like a big liberal and could win her primary, after which time the amendment would be quietly killed? Well, it looks like it might actually pass! Whoops! [WaPo]
  • Everyone had so much fun with the South Carolina Democratic Senate Primary last week that now they want to do it again. [AP]

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