American Weapons Working Just Fine For Israel

  • Hey remember that time Russia went INSANE retaliating against Georgia, which had but "lobbed" a few missiles up their creek, and Russia was suddenly evil again? Well... parallels! Different conclusion! [NYT]
  • Bristol Palin finally crapped out her kid, Tripp Easton Von Dildo Palin Aniston Mozzarella Stick Johnston. [People]
  • Consumer confidence drops to all-time low as consumers migrate to the holy land of Self-Loathing. (People have no money.) [WP]
  • Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, independent farmers are still fucked, this has not changed. [WSJ]
  • NASA: Don't take our robots away. Please. Please do not take away... our robots. [NYT]
  • Canadian snowmobilers are constantly dying in avalanches, in Canada. [LA Times]

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