American Web Commenters Very Upset About Arab-Speaking Nations Getting Terrorist Version of Internet


He's finally got his online home.If you are an elitist internationalist with a nancy-boy education, the news that internet top-level domains will now be available in other alphabets was probably not a direct threat to your precious freedoms and sexuality. You probably didn't even give a damn, right? Well, this is why you're sitting around getting vegetarian-sushi recipes off your iPad while REAL AMERICA burns in its own toxic excrement. Types one important American commenter/thinker: "Geez. Now they can hatch their plots more easily! Seriously, who cares?" Yeah, right! Wait what?

The CNN internet article's great sin, of course, is the editors' use of the word "Arabic" in a headline without clarifying that all Arabic-speakers should be nuked for not believing in the right desert-caveman mythology.

And that's why this stream of delightfully coherent opinion is so, well, delightful:

  • Why not just call ".COM" ".MOHAMMED"? Half of the Islamic world has named their boy children Mohammed, so they've inadvertently destroyed the word's brand reputation.
  • Gooooooooooo! Christianity! :D

  • English should be the national Language of the world. It is the most widely spoken because America is still the dominant power in the world. If you go to someone else's country you best know their language but when you come here you dont need to learn english which is bs. We invented the internet and there needs to be standards.
  • Just what we need in America...Arabic people to come in and take over for a member of the Armed Forces, I say " Come on America, stand up for what you believe".
  • Who cares about them.. The US owns the net, owns ALL of the oil in the world... WHY? Because we got the bomb.. That's right, nuclear frakken weapons...
  • The internet was invented in swiss by a guy called Tim Berners Lee. Great American'S think they invented everything. Sorry, I don't wnat to put all US citizens in one pot, but ... come on, guys like you make me think America only consists of rednecks (either color ;) )
  • All I can say when I read through some of these blogs is that I get the same chills when I read about extremist 'pro-americans' than when I read about any other extremists of any kind in the world. But understanding the first kind is harder, provided in theory they have had more opportunities to be educated, see things for what they are and understand that before we are citizens of any country, we are all citizens of the 'world' and that entails variety in everything.
  • The possibilities is bigger then you can imagination... :)
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WHAT??!?! Comments closed? Has CNN gone elitist on America? This wasn't even that dumb, compared to, say, every other CNN article's comments. [CNN via Wonkette commenter Johnny Zhivago]


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