Americans Becoming Too Sick And Fat To Work Anymore


Another big score for "the best health care system in the world," hooray:a new study by Gallup shows that 86% of full-time employed Americans are missing 450 million days at work due to being either obese or having chronic health problems or both, which doesn't even count days workers feel ill and don't take time off. The furious little number crunchers announced that this also means $153 billion a year in "lost productivity" so that business people will take notice and stop hiring fat and sick people, but the joke is on them since it is now basically everybody. Hope America is having fun spending those 13 days of vacation a year they get feeling like shit!

Oh come on, isn't at least another fading obesity-racked empire suffering worse problems, maybe... uh, Britain, with all their socialist deathcare panels and socialism? Not really, according to Gallup:

The $153 billion in annual lost productivity costs linked to unhealthy workers in the United States is more than four times the cost found in theĀ United Kingdom. The striking difference is the result of fewer unhealthy workers in the U.K. About 14% of full-time U.S. workers are of a normal weight and have no chronic illness, compared with 20% in the U.K.

The high percentages of full-time U.S. workers who have less than ideal health are a significant drain on productivity for U.S. businesses. However, employees and employers have the opportunity to potentially increase productivity if they address the health issues that are currently plaguing the workplace.

Nah, then America would have to start calling itself Canada or something. [Gallup]


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