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Former Kerry-Edwards Staffer Still Isn't Getting Any - m4 - 29

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Date: 2004-11-23, 9:02AM EST

I'm a SWM who worked on the Kerry campaign and I wasn't getting any then... now that I've entered the deepest levels of depression after working 18 hour-days I'd like to feel better if only for a little while. If you're a woman and you're willing to just spoon with me naked for a night you'd make me feel a lot better. Sex would be great too but its been so long and I put on weight during the campaign I don't feel like I could ask for it. No Republicans need apply. You guys already screwed me over once. George Bush is responsible for my job loss too.

We'd give Chad a hard time for lying about his age, but he's being so honest about everything else, we'll let it slide. All he wants is to "spoon naked," people. This kind of pre-9/11 sentimentality is probably why we lost Ohio, but if Jennifer Millerwise or any other hot lady Bush staffer is serious about uniting the country, we're willing to bet that "anonymous" here would overlook GOP membership in exchange for you working around his "campaign tummy." Barring that, there's gotta be a Nader voter out there who owes this guy. Maybe some 18-year-old who can squeeze in a cuddle during her House of Hemp lunch hour?

Former Kerry-Edwards Staffer Still Isn't Getting Any - m4 - 29 [craigslist]

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