Americans Finally Stop Having Expensive/Dumb Babies


  • Well that's what happens when 'Baby Einstein' doesn't actually make Baby Einsteins.Guess who doesn't want more dumb pain-in-the-ass money-sucking babies? America, home of teen pregnancy and single-parent households! The awful Great Recession that began a couple of years ago is being blamed for the drop in baby drops: 2% less babies in 2008 alone! Even our nation's drug-addict sext-ing teen-aged scum with snake tattoos around their mouths aren't having quite so many bastard babies now, because maybe a sports drink or video game told them about the Financial Collapse. [Washington Post]

  • AOL spent $850 million on some loser "social networking" site called Bebo (British for "shite") just two years ago but will now either shut it down or sell it for two pence because what is Bebo, anyway? And all AOL does is lay off staffers and shed its many horrible investments. You've Got Fail! [C-Net]
  • Hopey-Changey: "The Obama administration has authorized the killing of a radical Muslim cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen believed to be hiding in Yemen." [Associated Press]
  • Actual person who walked on the moon Buzz Aldrin was voted off a teevee program called Dancing With The Stars. America hates (or doesn't know) its heroes. [Reuters]

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