Americans Ready To Swap 1% Bald Eagle For ... Grizzly Bear?


The new Vanity Fair/60 Minutes/Dadaist survey is out! What random assortment of inanities will the American People opine on, this time? They would like to vote for Obama over George W. Bush, for one, and they also would like to replace the National Animal, the Bald Eagle, with maybe a Grizzly Bear or a catfish. Things are looking up!

Perfection, as usual:

If the U.S. decided to replace the bald eagle as its national animal, the grizzly bear is America’s top choice. Thirty-three percent pick the grizzly from a list that includes the turkey (16%), the moose (8%), the rattlesnake (8%), and the catfish (6%). One in five Americans volunteer that the country should keep the bald eagle as its national animal. Older Americans are the most resistant to changing the national animal, 38 percent of those over 65 say the U.S. should keep the bald eagle.

One in five Americans says the 90s was the best decade to live through, when given a range of decades from 1930 through 2010. Another 21 percent say the 80s was the decade of choice for them, while very few (3%) choose the 1940s and only 1 percent choose the 1930s. When assessed based on age, those under 30 choose more recent decades, while older Americans choose decades further in the past.

[Vanity Fair]

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