Americans Still Mysteriously Blame Bush for Terrible Economy


Well, here is what the librul pundits call a "bright spot" of news for Barack Obama, because despite the fact that almost 9 in 10 Americans can correctly identify the economy as a putrid rat carcass infected with colonies of soul-eating viruses, they can by a wide majority also still (MIRACULOUSLY, WE ARE IMPRESSED) correctly remember that the economic meltdown was one of the final George W. Bush poop sandwiches Patriot-missiled into the American people's throats. Too bad Dubya isn't around to never, ever be elected again, ever, or Obama might win this thing!

The survey found that 86 percent of adults see the economy as "poor," up from 80 percent in June. About half — 49 percent — said it worsened just in the past month. Only 27 percent responded that way in the June survey.

That can't be good news for a president revving up his re-election campaign. Yet there are several hopeful signs for Obama.

Despite the perception of a weakening recovery, there has been no significant change in the number of people who say he deserves re-election: 47 percent as opposed to 48 percent two months ago. That's a statistical dead heat with those who favor a change in the White House.

And more Americans still blame former President George W. Bush rather than Obama for the economic distress. Some 31 percent put the bulk of the blame on Obama, while 51 percent point to his Republican predecessor.



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