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Today, in No Frickin' Duh News, we bring you this exciting revelation. A totally not shocking in any way new poll shows the majority of Americans think the Senate's shit-sniffing Republicans should try earning their six-figure salaries for once, and do the job description clearly spelled out in easy third-grade-reading-level words in the Constitution:

Fifty-five percent of registered voters are sour on the GOP's move to block hearings to consider [a Supreme Court] nominee, regardless of the person Obama ultimately announces as his choice for the job.

Only about one in three - 28 percent - approve of the GOP's strategy.

[contextly_sidebar id="E0aaYrwey0gU14fJxEGPJoGZgIQ1A4UN"]Good thing for Republicans that registered voters have no way of registering their disapproval in, oh, let's say November, just to pick a totally arbitrary time. That gives Senate Republicans an awful long time to keep refusing to even hold hearings on a nominee -- any nominee, don't matter, even a Republican! -- to replace Dead Scalia on the Supreme Court, since it's working out so well for them. Heck, the longer they keep not doing their job, the more Americans will probably come around to thinking their idea is just the swellest.

Or not. Here is another moldy turd dropping for the Grand Old Party of Whiny-Ass Titty Baby Temper Tantrums to swallow:

Overall, about half of Americans - 48 percent -- want the Senate to vote this year on the court pick, up from 43 percent who said the same last month.

So pop quiz for ya, kids: If Senate Republicans continue on this path of refusing to do their goddamned jobs, that will probably (a) make Americans change their minds and decide this plan of obstruction is super awesome THE BEST, and they will send flowers and candy and even more senators and House members to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his merry band of "Don't wanna, not gonna!" buttholes, or (b) the fucking opposite of that?

Guess we'll find out the answer in November, won't we?

[NBC News]


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