America’s #1 Professional Bigot Pat Buchanan Officially Out At MSNBC


Crusted-over boil Pat Buchanan will no longer be fomenting all-out race war at MSNBC, he is sad to announce. In his latest syndicated column (HOW MANY MEDIA DID THIS PIECE OF OFFAL NEED?) which is, of course, hilariously titled "The NewBlacklist," Buchanan revealed he is finally leaving the network after ten productive and bigotry-filled years. Let's celebrate Pat's legacy of barely concealed racial animus after the jump!

Well, we are not linking to Buchanan's prickly "Goodbye, Cruel Multiracial World" announcement, where he predictably rails against the liberals and the gays and the blacks and the black liberal gay atheist blacklisters who, of late, have made being an awful racist-slash-homophobe so unpleasant for him. Let's just quickly highlight the wisdom of Hero Commenter "derek," and his response to Buchanan:

i don't think anyone is restricting your speech or editing what you say.

i think we live in free markets. and the free market decided your thoughts and disapproval of the lives of hard-working gay Americans is not profitable.

Hooray for free-markets!

Hooray indeed, "derek"! And now here is Pat Buchanan being hit in the face with a pie.

[Pat Buchanan on the Internet]


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