America's Bravest

* Immature is like, say, stealing a pack of cigarettes from your mother. Abusing dogs to make them overly aggressive and them making them fight each other to the death for entertainment is more along the lines of totally fucked up. [Michelle Malkin]

* The Democrats proudly take credit for the slow downfall of one of the most unqualified and corrupt public officials of our era. Well done guys, it only took like a year. [The Swamp]

* Maliki is all like, "Hey, Iran, if we're such good buddies then why the fuck are you bombing my country?" [Iraq Slogger]

* Bin Laden's buddies were going to kill him for us when our brave warriors were right at his front door, but then our president was all like, "Hey, don't worry about it," and so that's that. [Captiol Hill Blue]

* If we had a dollar for every time a senator said "I wish I had not pled guilty to that," we'd have, you know, a whole bunch of dollars. [Election Central]


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