America's Crappiest Home Videos

As reported earlier, some jackass who got thrown off the Donald Trump show is running for Congress in Pennsylvania. Obviously, this requires that he go to the Rio Grande and harass Mexicans while his retarded friend tries to operate a home-video camera.

And then, after five minutes of the most cringeworthy idiocy we've ever seen on YouTube, the jackass -- Raj Peter Bhakta -- sits on a live elephant that's standing in about two inches of water on the U.S. side of the riverbank, claiming that he rode the elephant across the river from Mexico or something. Then there's the hee-larious making fun of the mariachi combo he apparently hired in Texas, and in the fine tradition of Macaca Allen, he welcomes the Texan musicians to "America." Behold:

Thanks to tipster "Mike C." for the worst five minutes of our lives, so far.

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