America's Murder of 54-Year-Old Terror Suspect Celebrated In Taiwanese Web Cartoon


Do you remember the world before every day's news was quickly animated into some ironic nonsense by computer artists in Taiwan working for a Murdoch-style tabloid/sleaze media empire in Asia? Do you have even faint memories of your own existence before YouTube? Well, former CIA contractor/anti-Soviet mujaheddin leader Osama bin Laden lived most of his life before all that. And the 9/11 attacks he is most remembered for -- even though he was never actually accused of having any role beyond being a religious zealot figurehead for an oppressed Islamic people's movement against American imperialism -- happened well before we all spent our entire sad lives watching "Web Video."

But now, with this brief and wacky animation and those beers people drank out of cans last night outside the White House and the gaping pit left by the collapse of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, America is healed. [NMA]


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