America's Richest County Giving Away Thankgiving Meals For First Time


Now that the economy has "rebounded," everyone will have a much happier, richer Thanksgiving -- except for all the hungry people! Yes, even in a nation as obese as America, tens of millions of people can't afford basic food. In fact, "food insecurity" is actually a majorcause of obesity, as the poorest people will buy the most calorie-dense high-fat processed foods they can afford. Anyway, in America's "richest county by median income," which is Loudoun County in Virginia, the food pantry groups are getting ready for the first-ever Turkey Day charity meal for 2,000 families. Jesus christ ....

The Washington Post reports on the economic devastation around the nation's capital:

With this economy, things are pretty bleak," Brantley said. "People on Main Street are not rebounding."

Bread lines have become commonplace, including the 3,000 people who waited for groceries and personal-care items in Northeast last week at a giveaway co-sponsored by PepsiCo and the dozens who gathered in front of the Loudoun Interfaith Relief center Friday.

Many are unemployed or underemployed, and their desperation is palpable.

"Bread lines have become commonplace." Welcome to the 2010 Holiday Season! [Washington Post]


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