America's Sweetheart, Meghan McCain, Still Angry About Sarah Palin, Barack Obama

America's Sweetheart, Meghan McCain, Still Angry About Sarah Palin, Barack Obama

Terminally unemployed Meghan McCain made a name for herself by typing avery weird, very revealing warblog during her dad's tragicomic campaign. The only real "news" she broke was by posting a home video of John McCain's special BBQ love fest for his supporters, the national political press, at one of his estates in Arizona. The American media was always there for McCain, bringing him donuts and laughing at his gorilla-rape jokes, because he made them feel good. So, obviously, Meghan is so furious about that mean old pro-Obama press who stole the election from the Real American.

Meghan was interviewed by the Monday Morning Clacker blog, and it's all pretty uncontroversial except for the INSANE DELUSION that her dad, a creature of the press who was despised by his own party's base -- remember how he always described the media as "my base"? -- was the pathetic victim of the "pro-Obama media."

As for what surprised me most, I guess it was the pro-Obama media bias that I perceived. I think it’s hard to dispute a media bias when, at the conclusion of the campaign, Time Magazine’s D.C. bureau chief joins the Obama administration. That’s just one example. I hope this changes in the future and journalism can somehow go back to its intended purpose.

Commenters immediately piled on this absurdity:

Is she serious? media bias? Does she not remember her dad’s infamous bbq for all of his press corps, where the guys from politico brought her mom flowers? And, the fact that the A.P head burea chief Ron Fournier actually interviewed for a job with McCain and how when they had the A.P Q and A, the press corps brought McCain his fave doughnuts while they likened Obama to a terrorist. Please, just her not commenting on palin- I know exactly why they lost. Don’t blame it on Obama blame it on yourself Hun.

The national press was just about the last to acknowledge that McCain's campaign was a Dismal Circus of Retardation, and the Main Stream Media pretty much never admitted that the brave war-hero candidate himself was a frightening, confused and bitter old man without a single good idea about anything.

John McCain's staggering lack of judgment was best illustrated by his batshit decision to put Sarah Palin on the ticket, and this is also lost on Meghan, who pissily refuses to discuss Palin at all, because the McCain camp still blames everything on that dumb Alaskan grifter rather than on themselves. Sarah Palin is an extremely ambitious and vicious animal, but the only person who brought that idiot to the national stage was John McCain himself.

Also, Meghan wants to follow in the footsteps of her mom, Cindy, because it was so great when her dad offered her mom to the snarling pig bikers at Sturgis.

In between visiting family and friends, I’ve been learning how to ride a motorcycle. I was inspired by Bikers For McCain and want to go back to Sturgis next year and do bike week right.

Jesus fucking christ. You were "inspired" by your dad humiliating your own mother in front of this crowd of tit-pawing slobs?

(Also, Newell will be extremely happy about this new photograph of Meghan barefoot in bed with her MacBook Pro. He'll be in his bunk.)

Meghan McCain Sits Down With MMC To Talk Blogs, Bikers, Politics & Why She Only Takes Off Her High Heels To Swim [Monday Morning Clacker]


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