America's Town Halls: Violent Partisan Bloodbaths Or Home To Reasoned Socratic Debates?


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Ugh SO CONFUSING. So are these healthcare-focused town hall meetings across the nation 1) being constantly disrupted by belligerent, gun-toting angry nutballs or 2) the site of reasoned and civil discussion among people who, for the most part, are acting like grownups?

Who can say, right? All we know is that if it's the former, then everybody can get excited about WAR in AMERICA and journalists can turn out many column-inches about the bitter death match between deranged capitalist yokels and a bunch of liberals who want to "socialize" your grandma at her sickbed. If the truth lies closer to the latter, then neither side can raise a lot of money or get heard on the teevee shouting insults.

But you can see why the DNC would try to start convincing people that passions aren't running that high, since the angry wingnuts have been winning the argument. Or have they???

[YouTube expand=1] via First Read]


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