Idiot bag of lawyer scrapings Larry Klayman took a brief break from his usual agenda of calling for the overthrow of illegal president Barack Hussein Obama last week so he could mourn the nine victims of the massacre in Charleston, South Carolina. Of course, he did his mourning at conspiracy clearinghouse WorldNetDaily, so he was contractually obliged to blame Barack Obama for the murders. You see, Obama is ultimately at fault for racism and racist hate crimers like Dylann Roof, because Obama has forced normal Americans to hate The Blacks a whole lot.

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Klayman wants us to know how sad this makes him, as a genuine Judeo-Christian American, to see his fellow Judeo-Christians harmed, even though they be of dusky hue:

There are not enough words to condemn this despicable act. As a Messianic Jew – I refer to myself as a Jewish Christian – I can try to relate a little from the history of pogroms and violence that Jews have experienced throughout the years. We cringe to hear of such tragedies.

And then he launches into a vigorous condemnation of the atmosphere of hatred, ignorance, and paranoia that helped make Dylann Roof a killer. Not the vicious racism of the Council of Conservative Citizens, which Roof credited for his racial awakening -- no, don't be silly, because all the CCC does is catalogue how violent and rapey The Blacks just naturally are. No, Klayman means the "climate of violence that is sharpening conflicts instead of soothing them," the climate of violence engendered by the Obama administration, natch.

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Here's a sample of the logic that has made Klayman one of the most respected, by which we mean ridiculed, legal minds in America:

How can we ignore a simple truth: Barack Obama and Eric Holder created much of this atmosphere of anger, bitterness and bile with their disdain of whites and not too transparent belief and actions that we must now pay what are in effect reparations to the black community, even though this generation does not practice or advocate slavery. Obama, Holder and their enablers, like Al Sharpton, have become what they accused President George W. Bush of being: a recruiting tool for terrorists thanks to his invasion of Iraq. Obama and company’s biased actions against whites, Christians and Jews have ironically served to draw neo-Nazis and sick Klansman out of their caves and have emboldened them to try to justify criminal acts – people like Dylann Roof. Indeed, Roof was quoted as saying that he struck because blacks had “taken over the country.”

Ah! So Klayman is saying that Roof merely acted as he did because he wanted to take his country back! We get you, Larry.

Klayman has more thoughts about how Obama's constant racism killed the nine victims in Charleston:

As racists like Dylann Roof watch on the news two police officers being executed by a black man in retaliation for events in Ferguson and rioting by blacks, what affect do we expect on society? When those who burned down their own neighborhoods are not arrested, what signals does that send to the sick unbalanced minds of people like like Dylann Roof?

See? That's just how crafty Obama is. He lets the blacks riot, encourages them to exercise their violent nature, and a peaceful observer like Larry Klayman can only watch in horror as the Obama-encouraged black violence consumes a nice white boy with rage. Also too, Eric Holder, who is black, very blackly used the black Justice Department to pressure police departments to stop enforcing laws so black thugs could do lots more crimes. Just look at these excerpts from a bill of particulars that Klayman will urge his "Freedom Watch" group to investigate:

  • whether the White House or then-Attorney General Holder pressured Baltimore, Ferguson, or Cleveland officials to “stand down” and fail to enforce the law and protect their citizens;
  • the campaign of threats and intimidation against police officers to cripple their effectiveness out of fear of being indicted and/or prosecuted for any mistake;
  • increases in violent crime in New York City and across the country as the U.S. Department of Justice intimidates police officers from doing their jobs;
  • pressure on local police officers by the Department of Justice not to arrest lawbreakers, rioters and protesters even when caught on camera looting businesses;
  • progressive theories being forced by the Justice Department upon police departments that the cause of violence, riots, protests and anger is the police who provoke lawbreaking by their presence;
  • policies and theories that those who commit crimes should not be arrested or prosecuted or should be sentenced to lower jail terms simply because they are black.

We think it's pretty impressive that Larry Klayman managed to write exactly the same idea in six different ways. We bet he never missed the word count on an essay assignment.

We were also intrigued by the remarkable similarities between Mr. Klayman's diagnosis of Dylann Roof's racism and an essay published Monday at the League of the South blog by League president Michael Hill, who explains that Roof's hatred of blacks was driven not by the lurid stories of "black-on-white crime" pushed by the Council of Conservative Citizens, but by liberals who ignore black crime and call Southerners "racist." Hill explains that Roof obviously "had a belly full of a society that treats blacks like spoiled children, Big Daddy Government catering to their every need and want, and conversely blaming whites for being perpetual scoundrels whose main goal in life is to make things miserable for black folks." Gosh, that sounds rather familiar, just a bit more open in its contempt for black people.

Funny, though -- for all those concerns about how liberals warped Dylann Roof into a racist, there isn't a word about Barack Obama and Eric Holder in his idiot manifesto. He didn't feel divided by Obama; he just plain thinks that "Niggers are stupid and violent" and that they are the tools of The Jews, who constantly "agitate" them. He didn't mean you, Larry. By definition, as a Convert to Christianity, you aren't a Jew anymore.

You're far too busy getting white people agitated, anyway.

[WND / RightWingWatch via RawStory]

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