Amphibious Human Not So Great At Terrestrial Navigation

  • Mudslides triggered by a recent typhoon in Taiwan have probably killed around 500 people. [Voice of America]
  • Speaking of disasters, a fire near Santa Cruz, CA continues to rage unabated. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • Did an air traffic controller who was on a personal phone call at the time a helicopter and a small plane collided over the Hudson have anything to do with that unfortunate crash? Who cares, that person has been suspended just in case. [Sky News]
  • The state of California will pay off nearly $2 billion worth of embarrassing IOUs a month early, on September 4. Green shoots! [New York Times]
  • At least two European economies -- those of France and Germany -- appear to be headed out of recession. [Washington Post]
  • Champion swimmer Michael Phelps is not so great at driving! He crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a Honda Accord last night in Baltimore, but it doesn't appear that anybody was seriously injured. [Baltimore Sun]

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