An Addendum on Albright's Athleticism

In response to our recent item about Madeleine Albright's ability to leg-press 400 pounds, a tipster tells us:

secretary%20madeleine%20albright.jpgI used to work out at the same Georgetown gym as Madeleine Albright. She is actually quite strong and is very dedicated in her workouts. But I find it hard to believe that she can leg press 400 pds since she seems sort of fragile up close. Unless she uses the cheating leg press machine.

She sweats a heck of alot and looks well like an old eastern European hag without the make-up, made up-hair, and cute suits with pins. All that being said, she was always nice to all the other clients in the gym and didn't chatter on her cell phone like other high powered folks in the same gym when she was doing her cardio exercises.

Madam Secretary: Please wipe down the equipment after each use. Thanks.

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