An Endorsement Is Not a Vote

  • Hills isn't that far ahead of Barry in the Lone Star State, a place that apparently isn't as racist as we thought. [Real Clear Politics]
  • Blowing up satellites is way more fun than fixing them. [Washington Note]
  • James Wolcott can't seem to say a single thing we agree with. [Wolcott's Blog]
  • Clinton Country isn't quite what it used to be. [Gothamist]
  • Hey, tornado victims! Now that you've moved into your brand new FEMA trailers we have more good news -- they're toxic! [AMERICAblog]
  • Some Democratic Leader Dan Gelber says that Democrats should solve their nomination problems in one mail-in super primary. And how would the superdelegates weild their influence then, smart guy? [Naked Politics]
  • And hey, you know all your superdelegate counting? It's totally screwed. [Ben Smith]

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