An Evening With the Original Wonkette -- and Jeff Gannon

ana marie cox.jpgLast night, one of us attended a very fun event with Ana Marie Cox, Wonkette Emerita, at the National Press Club. The Original Wonkette read hilarous excerpts from her novel, took questions from the audience, and signed copies of Dog Days for a crowd of adoring fans.

You might think that we, as the New Wonkettes, are giving you a biased account of the event. So, for a more objective view, here's what one of you wrote about it:

Ana Marie delivered a lovely reading last night at the National Press Club. She looked delightful, the banter was good. Nothing creepy about it... until Mr. Tight Hole Operations himself, Jeff Gannon, shows up!

jeff gannon headshot.jpgYes, that's right: Jeff Gannon was in the audience. And contrary to what some of you were thinking -- as one of you wrote, "I was hoping for a Jerry Springer-esque confrontation!" -- Gannon and Cox are actually friendly.

If this surprises you, just remember: this is Washington! Just like senators, bloggers make relentless fun of each other, say horrible things about each other -- and then go out for drinks.

And go out for drinks we did. After the reading, several of us -- including Original Wonkette, Mr. Original Wonkette (Chris Lehmann), The Opinionator (Chris Suellentrop), Mike Madden, and yes, Jeff Gannon -- adjourned to M & S Grill for drinks. Despite somewhat indifferent service, a good time was had by all. Overhearing this quip from Jeff Gannon was worth the price of admission: "It's not physically possible for me to have done all the things I've been accused of doing!"


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