An Interview With Political Reporter Choire Sicha

choire1.jpgWonkette had the opportunity to interview famous journalist Choire Sicha, reporting in New Hampshire for the New York Observer. Sicha is most famous for editing the weblog Gawker -- the "Wonkette of New York City" -- like five times. His brief discussion of Josh Romney's penis, after the jump.

WONKETTEBLOG: Who's gonna win [some election]?

CHOIRE: Not Vermin. Oh actually, Vermin is inside the Obama party! Here's a great Vermin story: He went up to Ron Paul and said "How are we going to fund time travel," and Ron Paul said "We'll just print more money." That's the greatest clash of wingnuts ever.

Who do you hate more, Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani?

There's a new piece on about Rudy Giuliani [SHILL ALERT], and you can read it there! I can't hate Mitt Romney because he gave birth to those kids. Those incredibly molestable kids.

Do you know their names?

Tagg with two g's, Matt, Josh, Ben, Craig.

That's 100%. Which do you want to molest the most?

Josh. Josh is the hottest thing since bacon was invented. They're playing the Rocky music at Hillary's! Oh no that's McCain's. Gotta go.

His article is really here.


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