Anarchy For the UK, It's Coming Sometime, Maybe!


  • Putin's current Russian president Dmitry Medvedev made a nice deal with Barack Obama, about the nuclear weapons. [Telegraph/Washington Post]
  • Even the Queen is smitten by Michelle! Britain has Obama Fever ... except for the snarling mobs just tearing shit up everywhere, especially if the shit in question has the word "bank" on the exterior wall. [BBC News/Telegraph]
  • Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius will probably be confirmed by the Senate as Obama's new health-care queen, because she only owed like $8,000 in tax errors over three years. Her job is to secure health care for everybody in America, so this is kind of serious. [Reuters]
  • Congratulations, everybody: Somebody died in the G20 protests. [Guardian]
  • Former conservative darling Ann Coulter is now hated by the anti-abortion crowd. [Colorado Independent/FireDogLake]
  • You know what's kind of depressing? A Depression! New study proves it. [Washington Post]
  • There are so many wrecked, jobless, hopeless Americans with nowhere else to go than America's public libraries that it was just a matter of time before things got stabby. [New York Times]

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