And All Irishmen Are Bulbous, Red-Nosed Blowhards


More than anything, Bill O'Reilly thinks that TSA screeners need the gift of Secret Sight:

So all young Muslims should be subjected to more scrutiny than Granny.... Passengers who are Muslims ages 16 to 45 all should be spoken with. And if the ACLU doesn't like it, tough. This isn't racial profiling. This is criminal profiling.

Things our airport screeners need to help us successfully win the war on terror:

  • Machines that can scan bags for toothpaste bombs

  • Biometrics (whatever those are)

  • The magical ability to deduce somebody's religious identity just by looking at them

Or just give them the lazy man's shorthand: All young Muslims are swarthy men with white robes and beards, just like all young Jews wear long sidecurls and homburg hats, all young Catholics carry around icons of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and all young Buddhists speak in riddles.


More Airline Terror Chaos [FOX News]


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