And All Us Mortals Struggle So

* "We had a very nice place in Pennsylvania for many years before we relocated down here. However, the cost differential between Western PA and the MD/VA/DC area was quite a staggering shock to my own financial sensibilities." [Metroblogging DC]

* "About 50 demonstrators participated in the emotional rally Saturday morning. No protesters were arrested. Protester Marco Del Fuego says the group promotes a white supremacist agenda, like the Nazis." [Examiner]

* "Fifty medical workers -- doctors, nurses, therapists and administrators among them -- sat in a room at Walter Reed Army Medical Center gazing at a slide of Donald Duck on a screen." [WP]

* "So Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, in order to protect students from their counselors' ineptitude, says no more foreign talk until you're a sophomore." [why.i.hate.dc]

* "When I fell back down to the ground, I rubbed my eyes and took a closer look again. At this point the hawk is staring at me and I could easily see from its eyes that it was telling me to back the

fuck up." [Prince of Petworth]


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