And Another Thing: Red Staters Don't Know How to Pronounce "Foie-Gras."

he_walks_uprightGuess no one at the WP got the memo that David Brooks found some Red America just right over in Pennsylvania. In order to report on "Living in a Red World," they sent someone to Texas (which, we understand, is like a whole other country). Or the dateline says Texas; we're suspicious that anyone could gather the massive collection of condescending cliches this article exhibits by going to just Texas. You'd also have to go to, like, Kansas, at the very least. Check it: In the lead alone, we learn that the Red Stater in question is a gun-owning, meat-smoking, Budweiser-drinking, Christ-fearing, American-flag flying, pick-up truck driving, blue-collar Republican with a thrifty wife and three daughters. He does not grind his own coffee. Has a bad diet, too: His "breakfast is scrambled eggs over congealed grits fried in butter." His wife's snacks are industrial-sized: "Carolyn dips a cracker into a 40-ounce jar of peanut butter. " And for lunch? A "brisket-and-sausage barbecue sandwich," followed by a dinner of "hamburgers with American cheese, salad and Tater Tots." (Finally, some greens!)

We're pretty sure they can get away with writing this way about Red Staters because it's not like they can read or anything, right?

For a Conservative, Life Is Sweet in Sugar Land, Tex. [WP]


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