Coupon void unless bearer is rich and white. - WonketteThe usual crybaby anti-Americans are complaining about Scooter Libby's well-deserved escape from an impending prison sentence. As fine people such as Christopher Hitchens and Henry Kissinger have noted, L. Irve "Scooter" Libby didn't do anything but launch a coordinated White House media attack on an American CIA agent as revenge on her diplomat husband who was sent by the CIA to Africa in 2002 to confirm that Iraq had bought weapons-grade uranium from Nigeria so that the White House could start its Iraq War. But he didn't find any such thing.

People, he was interfering with the Iraq War!

Think about the kind of world we'd live in today had the Iraq War not happened. That's exactly the kind of world that madman Joe Wilson envisioned for America. Scooter Libby just wanted to ruin Wilson's wife's life as a very small payback. Is that so wrong?


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