And Melting Ice Cap Mountain Tops For You


  • For a special treat, some reporters were allowed to eat food at the King of Saudi Arabia's golden tent palace, when Hillary Clinton was there, and oh man so much food, it was crazy. Never seen so much food, plus like three kinds of tea, and dessert, and the teevee was showing Saudi off-road NASCAR during dinner, just so awesome. [Reuters]
  • Everybody's so creeped out by "Gmail Buzz" that Google is very quickly turning off various creepoid features that let everybody you've ever exchanged a single email with know literally everything about you, even when you poop or think bad thoughts about Jesus. [Wall Street Journal]
  • "Men are twice as likely to take the condom off midway through sex due to a poor fit, a poll of 436 in Sexually Transmitted Infections journal reveals." You dudes are doing it wrong. [BBC News]
  • Your liberal boyfriend Barack Obama has ordered more robot-death-plane attacks on people during his first year in office than George W. Bush did in eight years. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Officials in the Metro DC area very rudely suggested that maybe people could shovel some of their own goddamned snow. [Washington Post]

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