And On the Seventh Day, He Defrauded Them

We were excited, for a time, to be the only DC Media outlet to be openly and actively pro-lobbyist (they're nice!). Then we read Howie Kurtz's piece on Washingtonian editor Kim Eisler, who evinces a selfless, touching affection for Jack Abramoff that we couldn't hope to replicate. Oh, Kim. You can have Jack -- you deserve him more.

Eisler's defense of Abramoff is, while perhaps not entirely convincing to those who don't regularly lunch with lobbyists, very spirited:

Despite Abramoff's guilty plea, Eisler insists: "I don't fully accept the notion that he cheated his clients. He worked 24/6 for his clients.["]

24/6, you say? We're pretty sure the reason Jack's in so much trouble, Kim, is for the things he'd do on that last day. But we gotta say, we love this new construction. Robert Ford worked 24/6 for his clients!

Abramoff's Media Pal [WP]


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