And the Election's Only a Year Away

* Everything's been so much better ever since the influence of money was removed from the American electoral process. [NYT, Roll Call]

* Barred from discussion at the new Middle East peace talks: peace. [NYT]

* Reporters, boring themselves, may just pick a new front-runner. [WP]

* You might think that Hillary is like, kind of terrifying, but that's really just your imagination. [WP]

* What she isn't, though, is liberal, and who does she have to kill around here to prove it? [Politico]

* Fred Thompson's lazy campaign is demonstrating calculated non-laziness, only it's about six months too late. [LAT]

* John McCain will chase the presidency to the gates of Hell. In fact, maybe he already has. [The Hill]

* If Hillary were on 24 she would have been tortured, stabbed, shot and blown up a long, long time ago. [WT]


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