And the Land She Belongs to: Is It, in Fact, Grand?

The WaPo's Dana Milbank tagged along as Harriet Miers started her visiting tour among US senators yesterday. The Supreme Court nominee's publicly expressed opinions were few--though she did concede to Texas Sen. John Cornyn that Austin was indeed a "great place" and Vermont Sen. Pat Leahy that the photographers assembled around them "would probably love" to visit Vermont this time of year, silencing those who suspected her of wavering on the fall foliage issue. Then, however, came the blockbuster:

"We're having a good morning," she said after her first meeting, with Cornyn. By the time she arrived at her second meeting, with Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.), she raised the assessment. "It's a great morning, thanks very much," she said.

Dismayed Miers detractors on the right noted her telling refusal to comment on the "bright golden haze in the meadow" and her failure to engage the critical question of the corn, which in their view, "looks like it's reaching clear up to the sky." "If we can't trust the nominee to gauge the morning's true caliber," said one, "how can we have faith in her assessments of other cities and travel destinations?Does she truly know, for instance, whether everything's up to date in Kansas City?" -- HOLLY MARTINS

The Sales Calls Begin on Capitol Hill, But Some Aren't Buying [WaPo]


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