A chilling new report from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington shows that this member of Congress's campaign committee and PAC paid out a total of $304,599 in salaries and $48,742 for services during the 2008 and 2010 election cycles to his daughter, daughter's mother-in-law, brother, grandson, granddaughter [*PAUSES FOR BREATH*] another granddaughter and a grandson-in-law, making this Representative the most nepotistic member of Congress by volume of family members on the campaign dole. And that's only from 2008 and 2010! Who is it!? Don't forget to scribble down your guesses on the back of your unemployment check stubs!

Hooray, and the Oscar goes to Doctor Congressman Ron Paul. Now we know why Ron Paul is always running for president: So that his family members always have jobs, what a guy. But Ron Paul is far from alone -- in fact, his entry takes up only four out of three hundred and forty-three pages of this campaign expenditure report. Congress seems to be much better at job creation than they are letting on! Here are some more shining examples:

Top five representatives paying the most money in salaries or fees to family members:

• Rep. Alcee Hastings, (D-FL) paid his girlfriend $622,574.

• Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) paid his wife $512,293.

• Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) paid her daughter and grandson a combined $495,650.

• Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) paid six different relatives a combined $304,599.

• Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA) paid his wife $238,438.

• In total, representatives paid $5,575,090 in salaries or fees directly to family members.

In sum, everyone have sex with Alcee Hastings. Recession: solved. [CREW]


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