Well, Wonkers, it was a sad week, as we, and the nation, became transfixed on the gruesome murders that took the lives of 9 people attending a Bible study at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina. And wouldn't you know it, even amidst such rage and sadness, wingnuts still managed to fuck it up more, by saying some of the grossest things imaginable. And surprise, some of those posts made this week's top ten!

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All right, here are your top ten posts of the week, as chosen by science. If you've already read them, read them again!

1. We are not sure how or why, but this week's top post honors, BY FAR, goes to last Sunday's installment of "Deleted Comments," which focused on all the idiot things that idiots had to say about the Duggars.  This is why we don't allow comments, sheeple.

2. Here are 12 of the dumbest things ever to fall out of Donald Trump's mouth hole. It was tough narrowing it down to 12, believe us.

3. And here are some rich California assholes who are pretty damn sure that things like "conservation" don't apply to them, therefore they should be able to guzzle as much water as they want.

4. Wingnuts reacted to the Charleston shootings with all the thoughtfulness and gravitas we've come to expect from them.

5. Fall in love all over again with the badass Baltimore lady who, in response to a shitty note from her neighbor, has vowed to make her front yard as "relentlessly gay" as is possible.

6. Weep for the fired Philadelphia Fox anchor, who will never achieve his dream of whites and blacks getting to hurl the N-word equally.

7. The most disgusting wingnut reaction to Charleston? When the NRA dude blamed the church's pastor for the massacre, due to the fact he'd voted against concealed-carry in churches in his capacity as a state senator.

8. Wingnuts were just OUTRAGED about the Juggalos and Fox News landing on the SPLC's hate group list. Of course, that didn't happen, but still, OUTRAGE.

9. Fox News figured out why Charleston happened, and it was because everybody hates Christians.

10. And finally, Dylann Roof confessed to murdering 9 people to start a race war. Of course, our headline said "real motive still unknown," which was a JOKE about how the media handles these sorts of things. The motive was staring everyone in the face all along, but wow, you wouldn't believe how many people didn't get that joke! Oh well.

So there you have it. Let's hope next week's top stories are more along the lines of "Donald Trump is so stupid here's why," because those are light and fun and wonderful.

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