And Then the Mubarak Thugs Showed Up To Beat the Unarmed Protestors

And Then the Mubarak Thugs Showed Up To Beat the Unarmed Protestors

Now that Hosni Mubarak has sort of admitted he isrelinquishing power (he will be so surprised when Egypt re-elects him in the fall with 97% of the vote even though he won't have been on the ballot!), the military politely asked if the protestors to stop it. They obviously knew something, because today crowds of plainclothes pro-Mubarak men have shown up to attack the protestors and engage them in all-out fighting. According to well-connected Egypt expert Rick Sanchez, who is sitting at home on his couch watching CNN, "molotov cocktails thrown from atop bldgs in #egypt. army checked anti-mubarak protesters 2 keep weapons out/no one checking #Mubarak thugs." Also on Sanchez's teevee box: Anderson Cooper getting punched in the face. That pretty face was hurt? You've really crossed the line this time, Mubarak.

Hours after a call from Egypt’s powerful military for the president’s opponents to “restore normal life,” thousands of men, some carrying fresh flags and newly printed signs supporting Mr. Mubarak, surged into Tahrir Square.


Well, nothing to see here. Turns out the people really do want Mubarak to be dictator forever! Oh, that moaning bloody heap of bodies over there? Just ignore it. [NYT]


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