Eat Thai Food In This Basement!


Whoa hey, it's Thai food in some dude's basement. It's alsothe best Thai food in the District.

The abridged version: Some guy from Thailand (we shall call him Taw Vigsittaboot) noticed that the Shaw/U Street area, in all its ethnic glory, lacked an authentic Thai restaurant in a basement.  So Mr. Vigsittaboot opened up his very own Thai Restaurant, Thai Xing, and serves as its manager, owner and chef. Here's how this little utopia of food works:

  • The place only has three tables inside and one outside. It's small (it is a basement after all).
  • You must make a reservation.
  • Even if you make a reservation you will still end up waiting a good hour for a table.
  • Ah, but worry not: our man can only do so much, so it's BYOB.
  • You have to order your food in advance. One-man-show people, it takes time to make everything.
  • What to order? The Drunken Noodles, Fried Veggie Spring Rolls, anything in Green Curry, Salmon with Red Curry, or the Pad Thai, which just happens to be one of his specialties.
  • If you're lucky, and on your best behavior, he may even let you watch him cook! Or, if you're super lucky, and Mr. Vigsittaboot has had a long day, he may even come over to your table and tell you his whooooole life story, while you're eating your dinner. Whatever goes!...??
  • Take out if also available. But the man can only handle so much -- order it well in advance.
  • Somehow we forgot to mention that not only is the food amazing, it's also quite cheap.

It's like having a Thai grandfather who lives on 5th and Florida and just wants to feed you spicy, delicious Thai food all day long. It's like that, only you have to pay for it and wait a long time before you can eat it, and he probably doesn't want to be your grandfather.

Thai X-ing, 515 Florida Ave., Washington, DC 20001, 202-332-4322

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