Anderson Cooper's Real Identity Problem

There's been a lot of reader mail about last night's naked-guy Anderson Cooper moment on CNN. But we think you're missing the real point:

OPPENHEIM: [...] And they now they have 60 detectives working on this case right now, trying to get a better idea of what might have caused Nathan Gale to kill a heavy metal icon and three others as well.

Anderson, back to you.

COOPER: It's hard to pay attention, because there was a naked guy behind you. But appreciate it. Thanks very much, Keith. Quite a vigil there.

Oh, c'mon people, you try to do your job with a naked man bouncing up and down in front of you. Trust us, it's distracting... eventually. But there's nothing gay about it. We're far more concerned with what immediately follows:

The Bush administration backs the U.N.'s Kofi Annan, and -- Sorry, what can you do? That story tops our look at global stories right now in the uplink.


"Oy"? Huh. Guess he's finally gotten his membership in the International Jewish Media Cabal.

Dec 9 2004 Transcript []


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