Andrea Mitchell Just Wondering Why Joe Biden Waited So Long To Tell Us The Dog Ate His Foot

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President-elect Joe Biden injured himself Saturday while playing with his dog Major, which is why I always move at least six feet away whenever a dog comes near me. Biden has hairline fractures in the middle of his foot and will "likely require a walking boot for several weeks." (I had a walking boot once after surgery and they're damn sexy — although my wife might've been humoring me.)

This information about the president-elect's health is public knowledge because it was released to the public on Sunday, barely 24 hours after his accident. That wasn't good enough for some members of the press, who believed Biden wasn't being fully transparent. This is after four years of Donald Trump lying to them about every detail of his health. He might've had a heart attack last year for all we know or shamefully hoped.

But Trump was the leather-jacket-wearing, chopper-riding bad boy president and the media was happy if he didn't spit in their face. Biden is the safe, reliable president who their aunt introduced to them. They have higher expectations.

On MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell wondered why we didn't know the full extent of Biden's domestic canine drama.

MITCHELL: It was also notable — you know, he fell playing with his dog, Major, on Saturday — it wasn't until Sunday that we knew he was going somewhere and it turned out to be a doctor ... for an x-ray ... then they needed more imaging so a CT scan. They weren't as forthcoming as you would hope they would be.

Yes, we didn't know about Biden's injury until Sunday, which is the day after Saturday and even in the same week (unless you're one of those pedants who insist that Sunday's the first day of the week, like you don't know what “weekend" means).

How much more forthcoming did Mitchell hope Biden would be? His team released the “Uncle Joe Visits The Doctor" reality TV special, the perfect Thanksgiving weekend viewing while you're eating another slice of pie.

Mitchell had earlier shared a clip of Trump ranting about the election he lost. He was lying like a crazy person who believes their own lies, which is not entirely “forthcoming." It's the mental unraveling of a wannabe despot. Even Iran is worried that he's so unstable, he'll blow up the world. Trump's ongoing threat to democracy and human existence in general is a more pressing issue than Biden's owies.

Reporters have expressed concern because Biden has gone out in public after calling a press lid. Horrors! Zeke Miller at the AP thought it was “unacceptable" that Biden went to church without his protective press pool — even though it was clear where he was headed and they could've caught up with him.

Conservatives often accuse the press of having an adversarial relationship with Trump, who frequently calls them the “enemy of the people" when his press secretary isn't lying to their faces. It's likely they'll try to maintain a tough position with Biden, so no one will claim they're giving him special treatment usually reserved for presidents who aren't crooks.

Fox News called out “hyperpartisan CNN" because host Chris Cuomo said true things about how Biden's team handled his injury.

"We just got the straight truth about [the foot injury]. No lie, no deny … there was no B.S. There was no blocking us from the reason that Trump was rushed to a hospital, no fugazi doctors with absurd, lauding statements about Biden being superhuman, strongest pinky toe in history. Just the truth," Cuomo said without acknowledging the nearly 24-hour delay that even MSNBC complained about.

These fools are treating this 24-hour delay like the 18-and-a-half-minute gap in the Watergate tapes. But good work, Andrea Mitchell. If Fox News is crediting your “objectivity," you've objectively played yourself.


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