Andrea Mitchell, New Gay Icon


Hey guess what! All the news today is about the STIMULUS PACKAGE, which is too boring/complicated/serious to actually make jokes over. So it is with profound delight and relief that we find this utterly useless piece over in theNew York Observer about how The Gays, as a monolithic group with a single well-defined set of tastes, all worship Andrea Mitchell, unequivocally.

Most gay experts agree it is because of that funny clip where she was killed by John McCain under an avalanche of balloons. Also she's sassy.

The Observer was so much fun to read last winter and spring when like every week Jason Horowitz would have some new appalling 2500-word bit of gossip about how Hillary Clinton was fucking up everything and hateful Mark Penn was doing nothing but masturbating to Microtrends 24 hours a day. Good times!

This Mitchell thing lacks all the juiciness of a tart, angry Harold Ickes quote, but it is at least completely frivolous, so A+ FOR EFFORT.

Gays Go Ga-Ga Over Andrea Mitchell!!!! [New York Observer]


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