Andrew Breitbart Wants You To See His Weiner Picture

Andrew Breitbart Wants You To See His Weiner Picture

While we innocently pre-pre-gamed for Memorial Day barbecues, furious conspiracy nut Andrew Breitbart was saving the world, AGAIN. "Someone" broke into Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account and posted a picture of a wiener (get it??) and then Breitbart's AARP version of 4chan "grabbed hold" of the dong picture before it was deleted, to prove once and for all that Anthony Weiner has a Twitter account capable of being hacked. UPDATE: Oh, some wingnut Twitter guy did this whole dumb stunt, and then made his Twitter private. Gah, Twitter.

A photo of a man’s bulging gray boxer-brief underwear was posted to Weiner’s account with yfrog — an online image-sharing site — on Saturday night, according to, which is run by Andrew Breitbart. The photograph is from the waist down, and shows no face.

“The wiener gags never get old, I guess, ” the veteran lawmaker emailed a POLITICO reporter in response on Saturday.

Breitbart named it "Weinergate," because that was the best dick joke he could come up with. Basically it's just like that "Watergate" thing back from when real journalists like Andrew Breitbart still existed.

Has anyone bothered to thank Andrew Breitbart for this Earth-saving revelation that there are erect penises in gray boxer shorts on the Internet? Doesn't everybody know what Andrew Breitbart just did for America? There was a picture of a disembodied wiener on a mild-mannered Congressman's Twitter feed! This is like six Mark Foleys plus eight Larry Craigs.



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