Andrew Sullivan Takes the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Scores In the 90th Percentile


  • Joe the Plumber was the keynote speaker at the Houston Teabag Fiesta. And here's a fun video of him autographing female breasts with a sharpie while talking about those "damn illegals."

    [Think Progress]

  • RedState intern Michele Bachmann writes about Dealergate, and some sort of Executive Order she is cosponsoring that will outlaw the census. [RedState]

  • Matt Taibbi wrote a scathing customer review about Goldman Sachs in Rolling Stone, which you should definitely check out. And now Goldman is in a bit of a PR nightmare but no sweat, they still have all of our money. [Matt Taibbi]

  • Andrew Sullivan is still groovin' out to the eight tabs of LSD he ate on Saturday. The only question that remains: is he listening to Surrealistic Pillow or Volunteers? Curious minds want to know. [Andrew Sullivan]

  • Have you heard the one where Harry Reid, Al Franken and a rabbi walk into a bar? [The Caucus]


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