Andrew Sullivan Teaching Sarah Palin The Meaning Of 'Sisyphean'


  • Bitters are stocking up on guns before Obama sends all firearms all to Kenya, so his ancestors can more easily sacrifice animals in his honor. [Top of the Ticket]
  • OMG Drudge Siren! Bill Ayers attended a lecture given by Jeremiah Wright last night. [Ben Smith]
  • Andrew Sullivan is still demanding Sarah Palin's medical records. Palin, who has literally no reason whatsoever to release her medical records, is stubbornly refusing to comply. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Now you can get your Hope Pornography in hardcover. [Jonathan Martin]
  • The Hispanics whom the GOP were unable to successfully deport against their wills are now Democrats, for the most part. [Swampland]
  • Al Gore, America's most thriving national tragedy, probably won't serve in Obama's cabinet, but he's gonna get right in there, just gonna do whatever he can, helpin' out. [The Plank]

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