Andrew Sullivan Wins Cleveland Debate

Given the Main Stream Media's overt bias against Hillary Clinton, it's very difficult to find a good, objective debate verdict the morning after. Fortunately we have bloggers like Andrew Sullivan to tell it like it is. While Sullivan writes dozens of posts a day, since forever, preaching against Hillary Clinton's very Clintonian smear campaigns, diabolical nature and disgrace to the female gender and America, he actually apologized for his previous Iraq War support. Now that we can trust everything he says, let's check out his liveblog of the debate last night to see, objectively, who won.

Uh oh, it appears Hillary Clinton was a tyrannical, Clintonian despot last night while explaining her health care plan:

9.15 pm. Oh, man. She just sounds unnecessarily contentious about something extremely abstruse. In temperament, he wins hands down. In substance, I'm with him, but I'm not a Democrat. But her attempt to say "I know" about the impact of mandates is not an argument. And the gambit of trying to equate non-mandated but subsidized universal healthcare is the equivalent of privatizing social security is just not working.

And it seems Hillary evilly worships various Satans while trying to explain her opinion on NAFTA. Take Sullivan's advice, Hillary -- announce very openly that you've changed your mind, after running too passionately to one extreme. It's a great self-marketing tool!:

9.23 pm. NAFTA. I agree more with her than him. But he cleaned up. In Ohio, this is a big deal. And Tim Russert just pummeled her on it. Why can't she just say it turned out worse than she hoped for? It's okay to say you've changed your mind, Senator Clinton.

Wow, Obama must have been doing really well to force this halftime verdict from Sullivan:

9.42 pm. Obama's push-back on the war was strong. "Facilitated and enabled" Bush? Ouch. But the biggest moment was Clinton's claiming that Obama was "threatening" to bomb Pakistan. A confident candidate doesn't go there. And Obama's response to Russert's emphatic tone on Iraq was measured and cool. I know I'm biased but I think he's mopping this thing up so far. This is one of his best debate performances of the campaign.

Barry was so perfect, apparently, that Sullivan risked his reputation by saying Barack Obama is "cooler" than John McCain.

10 pm. A really smart critique of the co-president meme. Better than my fulminations. My own view is that his greatest advantage is his temperament. And this temperament will create a very interesting contrast with McCain. Obama is as smooth and as calm as McCain is prickly and emotional. I like McCain, and I have similar passions and emotions. But in a president? Obama actually seems cooler.

Uh oh, Barry's stumble forces one of those famous Sullivan extreme-to-opposite-extreme fits of passion!:

10.09 pm. Farrakhan. Does Obama understand that saying he has consistently denounced him is not the same as simply saying, "I denounce him"? A weak response - reminiscent of Dukakis.... I have not believed that Obama has an ounce of sympathy for a creep like Farrakhan. But Obama has now made me doubt this.

Will Andrew Sullivan now apologize for his support of Barack Obama and then yell righteously at those who don't?

Live-blogging Cleveland [Andrew Sullivan]


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