Andrew Sullivan's War On TV Writers

New episodes of Comedy Central's The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will start airing on Monday without the help of their starving writers, but plenty of writerly guests are lining up to promote themselves on the teevee shows. First up for Colbert: Andrew Sullivan, who may try to explain just what was going on in this creepy Iowa fantasy he posted yesterday.

Sullivan was not the Colbert show's first choice. The communist publisher of The Nation, Katrina vanden Heuvel, got that invite. Hilariously, she was supposed to talk about the state of the American Labor Movement. Katrina said no thanks, because of solidarity and whatever, so Comedy Central viewers will now be forced to look at Sully.

CRUCIAL UPDATE: Sorry about the missing "l" in your name in the headline, Andrew. We know you've never made a typo, so thanks for keeping us on our toes! And thanks for telling us about this edgy new author and his crazy story about what's her name, "Alice," and an invisible Mexican cat or something. One day maybe we'll get all literary and find out about basic children's books that were turned into Disney movies and hippie songs by the "Greatest Generation," too. Next thing you know, we might be doing alt-text referencing E.B. White children's stories or something!

Nation Editor Rejects Invitation to Appear on The Colbert Report, Citing 'Solidarity' with Writers [NY Observer]


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